The Beverages You Love for the Way You Live

Our Story

Mount Olympus® water has been enjoyed by customers throughout Utah and Idaho since 1898, when the company was first established. Today, Mount Olympus offers spring, purified, distilled and fluoridated bottled water varieties to consumers throughout Boise, Pocatello, Twin Falls and Salt Lake City. As a favorite American brand, Mount Olympus is recognized for its long history of providing safe, great-tasting bottled water to the residents in these locales.

Your Total Beverage Solution

In addition to 3- and 5-gallon bottled water delivery, Mount Olympus® provides the following quality products and services for home and office:

Our popular brand Mount Olympus delivers bottled water throughout Boise, Pocatello, Salt Lake City and Twin Falls.

Mount Olympus has a tradition of giving back to the communities it serves, from fitness and education initiatives to providing bottled water during emergencies and natural disasters.